Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Day Stitches.

I don't know why we thought it was a good idea to move during the Holidays. It just added chaos to the already busy season. The hardest part is feeling that we somehow missed it all this year. I set the tree up in both houses, and took time to make sure we had some decorations out. I am so thankful that we were able to participate in the Faces of The Nativity because that is one of the events or moments this Christmas Season that I felt the peacefulness of the season. It was an opportunity to truly celebrate the Birth of our Savior and it gave me the opportunity to slow down and be in the moment of peacefulness.
On another that note, our trip back to my parent's house was quick and it felt very odd not to have a white Christmas. We enjoyed our time there and on Christmas Day, after we had a wonderful lunch with my Grandma, we sat down to open some gifts with her and our little active boy, decided to practice his gymnastics moves that he has been watching his sister do. Needless to say, he flipped off of the chair and face planted onto the rocks of the Fireplace.
It's amazing how fast Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Spencer and Benjy responded. I have to admit, when I am the only one around, I can take charge and be calm and collected but with Benjy there, I was almost afraid to look. The sound of his head hitting the rocks is still a haunting memory. I thought for sure he would have been knocked out. When I saw the blood gushing out, I literally had to turn around, I wanted to cry, faint and throw up, all at the same time. Not, because I have a hard time with blood, but due to the fact that this was my little baby boy. I can't believe how much this litte guy has already made my heart skip a beat, like when he drank a bottle of bubbles this summer. What is it with boys? The girls never did stuff like this!
I can't believe how fast accidents can happen. It really can change everything in a moment. WE went to the emergency room and he was a trooper. He told the nurses that his favorite food was Cheetos, so they gave him a bag for being so good. WE are great parents... Cheetos, his favorite food? Oh well. Of course when we were sitting there waiting for the Doctor, Benjy and I both forgot our phones so we couldn't take a picture of the gaping hole on his forehead. So here are the after pictures.
Taking the stitches out did not go as well as putting them in. The doctor made us soak his crusty old scab and peel it off before he could get them out. Uh...not FUN! His wound has healed quite nicely. He has a vein that runs right up to it, so it just looks like an extension of that...
What a trooper. 3 days after getting his stitches out, he came down with the flu. He threw up all over his crib and he told his sisters in the morning. "I choked in my bed." Thank goodness children are so resilient.
PS. I know a lot of you are asking for pictures of the new house, but I am embarrassed at how many boxes I still have to unpack and instead of doing that, I decided to blog today! Sorry!


Laurel Criddle said...

Ohhhhh baby boy! That is heart wrenching! I'm sure you know Cade did almost the exact same thing in the exact same spot. He's such a cutie pie! I'm so happy things are
Settling down for you all! Just relax and enjoy life now! Giveloves to the family!

Kathy Koch said...

That sound of Kyce hitting the rocks on the hearth was one I could not get out of my mind either. I know you do not want to hear it but this is probably not the last time you will be in for stitches. We had a few trips with our kids one more than the other two...We are so happy everything turned out okay. Love that smile..

shantel said...

Poor Kyce!! Mason has a nice scar on his eyebrow line from his little accident...crazy little boys!

Danny and Shalayne said...

Oh those pictures kill me!! I want to cry and to think of the sound is haunting - I hate sounds like that. Today we heard one in church a few rows back (a baby fell head first off the bench) and it made me so sick/sad.

I am dying to hear about the new house!!! and see pics! love you guys!

Linz said...

I can't wait to see your house! And I feel the same way about posting mine. I am just now about ready to take pics to show.

Oh, Kyce!!! I can hear and picture it all seeing as Silas had stitches from hitting rocks too. It's the worst. But it heals really well!

Miss you soooo much!

Tina said...

Glad he's feeling better! He looks just like Kaydree in that last pic!

The Gant's said...

Ms. Villarreal, it's been over 3 months since your last post! Your blog is how I keep up with you and your family in-between our phone calls. I'm requesting an update on everything that's been going on :).
Thanks friend!

Dixie said...

Our boys had many stitches when they were little too. Glad Kyce is okay now.

I'm trying to figure out where you have moved to. Guess I'll have to pay more attention to your blog.

Love how Daddy Batman ran out to the bus. I'll bet all your kids will remember and love that for ages.